It is important to have funerals that are unique since acknowledging the deceased uniqueness is something that should be shown regardless. This is also a great way to remember and honor one’s memory as well as character.

In this article, we look at some ways with which you can truly say goodbye.

1.      Metaphors

Emotions can be better expressed through symbols and metaphors than words since they have the ability to activate emotions. You can also let the guests write what they remember about the person and have them attached to the side of balloons since balloons are a good symbol for hope. It can be even more personal if the guests themselves have the balloon let go. Avoid using lanterns for this purpose since lanterns are typically released between late afternoons to evenings.

2.      The location

You can have a very meaningful service if you choose the location wisely. For example, the funeral of a swimmer or a cyclist who has recently passed away can be held at a swimming pool arena or a track respectively. The key is to choose a place that was very special to the loved one as this will also help the guests come to terms with the sadness that they are experiencing.

3.      Presence of flowers


If said person was someone who particularly enjoyed growing plants of flowers, it would be a great idea to have flowers during the service. There are also traditional flowers that are usually placed during services such as chrysanthemums, carnations, and roses. But these flowers shouldn’t be the only ones that you should consider since the person would’ve had their favorite flowers. You could also have flowers that go with the place where they used to stay. If they spent a lot of time outside in the sun, you could have sunflowers for the service.

4.      Clothes

It doesn’t necessarily have to be all suits since you can always ask the guests to be in clothes that best compliment the personality of the said person. If the person had a favorite restaurant or football team, you could ask the guests to wear something that goes with the team’s idea or design. It doesn’t have to be sports teams; you could also ask the guests to wear something that has sober colors if said person was a laidback and peace-loving person.